9-course Seafood Peking Duck (北京烤鸭套餐) Set

Set Menu for 6 or 10 pax

  1. Peking Duck Skin in flour skin/crepes
  2. Braised Fish Maw with crab meat and golden mushroom
  3. Mouth Seasonal combination
  4. Braised wild mushroom with bean curd skin and seasonal vegetables
  5. Duck meat cutlet
  6. Steamed live garoupa fish with garlic toppings
  7. Sauteed whole prawn in premium soy sauce
  8. Braised Ee-fu noodles
  9. Mouth dessert of the day

Peking Duck Seafood set is available for $178+ for 6 pax (U.P. IS $228++).  10 pax set at $288+ (U.P $328) !

Available daily. Book online for Maxwell outlet (Peck Seah Street near Tanjong Pagar MRT) to enjoy no service charge & complimentary Tea, Pickle and Towel.

Mouth 5 Style Peking Duck

5 Ways to Savor Peking Duck at Mouth Restaurant!

Serving Peking Duck 北京烤鸭 (special price $39.80++) in Chinatown Singapore since 1989. We cater to various popular cooking styles for Peking Roast Duck.

-Peking Duck w handmade crepe

-Braise E-fu noodle w Shredded Duck Meat

-Sauteed Duck Meat in Black Pepper

-Sauteed Duck Meat in Spring Onion

-Shredded Duck Crispy noodles

Our duck is sourced from U.S.A and slowly roasted by our master chef. The crispy duck skin is thinly sliced and served with condiments in our own handmade crepes . The duck meat can be served in various styles, but if you have a preferred style, just let us know.

You can order Peking Duck alacarte or with our Peking Duck Seafood set at unbeatable price in CBD.


Celebrate at Mouth Restaurant Maxwell road, Airview Building. Located centrally in Chinatown area, near Tanjong Pagar MRT.

Savor our Lobster and Peking Duck Seafood 8 course set 北京烤鸭和龙虾套餐 for 6 pax and 8 pax.

Arouse your aroma with our farm fresh Kai Lan, lightly stir fried with organic Truffles. With whole Lobster and Peking Duck some more!

Our fabulous Lobster Peking Duck Seafood 8 course set is available at $218+ for 6 pax & $338+ for 10 pax, No service charge too!

从2月10日开始销售. Avaiable from 10 Feb 2010.