2023 CNY Set and Alacarte Takeaway Promotion 新春外卖优惠

2023 CNY 5 Pax Set Takeaway Sale 新春外卖优惠

Mouth CNY 5 Pax Set for Takeaway (打包).

Prosperity Yusheng
Fish Skin & White Bait Fish

Mouth’s BBQ Quad Combi

Pork Ribs Meat w Salad Cream

Golden Crispy Prrawn Ball

Seafood Fried w Abalone

Red Bean Soup w Glutinous Rice Ball

S.P. $178+ for 5 pax set. U.P. $228+.

(Best for  初一, 初二, 初三, 人日 and 十五晚! Or consider Mouth Treasure Pot Pen Cai with FREE Yu Sheng!). Fully sold for CNY Eve. Thank you for support!

Order online before 18 Jan (last day) for 10% early bird discount!! Online payment available and instant confirmation.

2023 CNY Alacarte Takeaway Sale 新春外卖优惠

Wide selection of Chinese and Hong Kong Goodies available for takeaway (打包).  Order now for 10% discount and with free Yu Sheng with Pen Cai 盆菜 or Buddha Jumping 佛跳墙!

Best for celebrating at home and in office. Order now for CNY.

Enjoy our ever popular Mouth Sakura Scallion chicken, Duo fish/Abalone Yu Sheng, Hong Kong style roasts, Buddha Jumping 佛跳墙 and Treasure Pot Pen Cai/盆菜.

CNY Alacarte takeaway are available from 28 Dec 2022 t0 15 Feb 2023, for lunch and dinner, weekend and public holidays. Perfect for small or large CNY gathering!


(Best for CNY Eve, 初一, 初二, 初三, 人日 and 十五晚!)

Order online before 18 Jan (last day) for 10% early bird discount! Online payment available and instant confirmation.



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Mouth Abalone Treasure Pot

– Use only Japanese Abalone and 16 Top Quality Ingredients.

– Traditional and Nutritious!

– Actual pot for easy reheating on stove.

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Made Fresh Daily

– 17 Top Quality Ingredients.

– Prepared only on actual day of collection!

– Nutritious and wholesome meal for the whole family.

Mouth Abalone Yu Sheng 地茂鲍您有鱼捞起

Prosperity Duo Fish Yu Sheng 发财双鱼捞起

Mixed Seafood Treasure Pot 海味聚宝盆菜

Mouth Treasure Pot with Abalone 鲍鱼聚宝围村盆菜

Mouth Buddha Jumping doubled boiled soup with Abalone 金鼎鲍鱼佛跳墙

HK Carrot Cake with Chinese Sausage 发财腊味罗白糕

Hong Kong Glutinous Rice with Chinese Sausage 港式腊味糯米饭

Hong Kong CNY Rice Cake with coconut 椰汁新春发财年糕

Mouth Macau Roast Pork (~400g) 澳门烧肉

Scallion Sakura Chicken (One bird~1.3kg) 葱油樱花鸡

USA Maple Leaf Roast Duck (Whole~2.4kg) 明炉烧鸭