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Mouth Traditional Handmade Dim Sum

At Mouth, Dim Sum is handmade daily using the same traditional methods since 1988.

Some of our famous dim sum include the Rainbow Har Gao, Squid Ink Char Siew Bao and baked crust custardwhich is also known as Liu Sha Bao  流沙包 with salted egg custard filling has received high ratings on Legendary by Epicure & LifestyleAsia.

Samples of reviews

Epicure & Lifestyleasia – Best Liu Sha Bao

Hungrygowhere – Top dim sum restaurant & Excellent Chinese Food

Tripadvisor – A Chinese Restaurant that must visit in Singapore


地茂馆真味港式手工点心, 30年来,传统手艺,真诚烹饪.

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Mixed Steam Dim Sum

Dim Sum Place for Everyone!

Yum Cha at Mouth Restaurant is often a gathering of friends and family. We cater to different palate and dietary requirements of our customers by providing a wide range of choices. Ranging from steamed Dim Sum to healthy vegetarian Dim Sum, HK style congee; and fried, crunchy, crispy Dim Sum to delight our younger customers!

Freshly handmade Dim Sum available daily from 11 am on weekdays and 10 am on weekends / Public holidays.