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Whipping up tantalising Hong Kong cuisines

Infusing traditional culinary with a touch of modernity

Welcome to Mouth Restaurant

1000313 Welcome to Mouth Restaurant

With our beginnings that can be traced back to the 80′s in Hong Kong, Mouth Restaurant is “one of those solid classic Chinese Restaurants that offers you traditional Chinese cuisine and dim sum. It’s good to bring your family there for a meal; and even to bring tourist friends to try out a sample of what a “Singaporean Chinese” meal can taste like”.

At Mouth Restaurant, we believe in taking Hong Kong’s celebrated food culture to another level. Be impressed by the feast we whip up for you as we complement it with excellent gourmet presentations and service. Presently, it has two outlets – one at China Square Central while the other is at Plaza Singapura.

From now till Oct 2015, we are having the following promotions:

Hairy Crab Set  -  $36.80 per pax$56.80 per pax  &  $268 for 6-pax

Sucking Pig/ Lobster Set   -  $198 for 6pax

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Customer Testimonials

What our customers say

Solid, Classic Restaurant
“Mouth’s Hairy Crab Pot Feast”

Voted Top 8 by Lifestyleasia Singapore
“Mouth’s Legendary Liu Sha Bun”

Mouth’s Treasure Pot Feast
“A feast fits for an Emperor”

Mouth Watering Restaurant
“Mouth Restaurant is really a gem”

Sharing all the good eats in Singapore
“A place to try with good classic dishes and innovative dishes that WORK”

SG Food on Foot
“Colorful Har Gao with XO Sauce at Mouth”

Miss TamChiak 
“Mouth Restaurant revamp its menu”

Trip Advisor
“Har Gao at Mouth is extremely succulent and juicy”
“Great food, great service, great location!”
“Speedy Dim Sum and Wedding Dinners”

“A must try for dim sum fans”
“Interesting dim sum selection @ Mouth”
“Recommended Place for Chinese Restaurant & Duck Lovers”
OpenRice, Singapore
Darren Bloggie
Myloves:) Blogger

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